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    Emily Bestler Books buys The Regulars

    Can I get a WOOP WOOP? Break out the champagne, kids, because I have The Best News in The Entire World! Last week, all my literary dreams came true. (I feel giddy even typing that sentence!). I am so excited to announce Emily Bestler Books, an imprint of the gigantic Simon & Schuster, have acquired The Regulars. This means […]

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    Copyedits and outlines and research, oh my!

    It’s summer in New York – my favorite season! Unlike most people, I actually love the insane humidity and 90 degree days because it all means long, endless hangouts on my deck, sipping Rosé and watching the sun set over the course of five hours. Bliss! It also means time to WERK and yup, I […]

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    Celebrations and Revisions: The Regulars finds a home

    So much excitement in the world of The Regulars that I’m thrilled to share with YOU. Being able to call my  parents in Australia and tell them about my first big U.S. book deal was almost as much fun as getting the call myself. They both asked if I was joking, multiple times, then my mother […]

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    My new book is nearly done!

    It’s January 1st, I’m in L.A., and my new book is nearly done. All of these thing things are great. I’ve been in Cali for the last couple weeks: I spent Chrissy (that’s Australian for Christmas) with my girlfriend’s family in the O.C., and am now kicking it in Silver Lake. This morning we saw […]

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    The art of the second draft

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” — Ernest Hemingway. With this in mind, I’ve started my second draft of The Regulars. I actually enjoy revising. It’s a second go, another chance to get the damn thing right. Once you let go of the pain it causes to slash and burn sentences you spent days […]

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    Interview with Sarah Cypher: freelance editor extraordinaire!

    For what will (hopefully) be my third novel, I decided to work with a freelance editor prior to submitting the manuscript to acquiring editors. A few things led me to this decision: firstly, I have no established writer’s group or beta readers. As I write around having a job and various other commitments (like Netflix […]

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    every author’s wet dream

    Can I share with you every author’s wet dream? It’s getting this exact email from the editor they’ve hired for a manuscript critique. “Just wanted to update you that I’ll be finishing up the read-through and notes today, and your letter by tomorrow/Friday latest. I am SO enjoying this, and I can’t imagine this not […]

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    life imitating art imitating life

    I’m writing this from the lush backyard of the cute villa my girlfriend and I are staying at in Cassis, a small seaside town in Provence, France. A pink sunset promises a mild, clear evening. We’re drinking Rosé, listening to the opera someone is playing next door, nibbling baguette and chèvre, slapping at errant mosquitoes. Heaven! And […]

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I write books about awesome ladies stickin' it to the man. One is set in an Aussie high school, another in a futuristic dystopian world without water. My newest novel, THE REGULARS, is a modern feminist fairytale set in Brooklyn, NY. You can get in summer 2016.

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Parched: A Young Adult sci-fi/romance novel that you will love


Read the first chapter of Parched!

 “My eyes snap open with familiar panic. Bang. Awake. There used to be a time when waking up was a gentle seesaw in and out of dreams, safe in a cocoon of warm blankets. Back then, the word sleep perfectly matched what I was emerging from: a long, drawn-out, sultry affair: sleeeeep. These days, I jerk […]


How To Write Your First Fiction Novel

Your grew up finishing books with a flashlight under the covers, and now you want to write one of those wild reads you remember so well. Whether its closely felt contemporary realism or high-stakes high-concept adventure, you know you have a tall tale inside you.  Having just published my second YA novel, Parched, I know […]


Is Parched the new Divergent? School Library Journal thinks so!

So excited to share this incredible review from the renowned School Library Journal, who compare Parched to Divergent and Hunger Games! Is teen dystopian fiction your thing? Read on, comrade…  “In a decaying world, Eden stands alone in its prosperity. Ruled by the seemingly benevolent Trust, those lucky enough to be born within the city’s […]