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    Copyedits and outlines and research, oh my!

    It’s summer in New York – my favorite season! Unlike most people, I actually love the insane humidity and 90 degree days because it all means long, endless hangouts on my deck, sipping Rosé and watching the sun set over the course of five hours. Bliss! It also means time to WERK and yup, I […]

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    Celebrations and Revisions: The Regulars finds a home

    So much excitement in the world of The Regulars that I’m thrilled to share with YOU. Being able to call my  parents in Australia and tell them about my first big U.S. book deal was almost as much fun as getting the call myself. They both asked if I was joking, multiple times, then my mother […]

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    Emily Bestler Books buys The Regulars

    Can I get a WOOP WOOP? Break out the champagne, kids, because I have The Best News in The Entire World! Last week, all my literary dreams came true. (I feel giddy even typing that sentence!). I am so excited to announce Emily Bestler Books, an imprint of the gigantic Simon & Schuster, have acquired The Regulars. This means […]

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    Read the first chapter of Parched!

     “My eyes snap open with familiar panic. Bang. Awake. There used to be a time when waking up was a gentle seesaw in and out of dreams, safe in a cocoon of warm blankets. Back then, the word sleep perfectly matched what I was emerging from: a long, drawn-out, sultry affair: sleeeeep. These days, I jerk […]

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    My Five Favorite Adventure Novels

    This post originally appears at Steph Bowe’s sweet YA blog. Georgia Clark is a NY-based author. Her latest novel is a futuristic fantasy novel Parched, a story of robots, renewable resources, and romance. I’m thrilled to be hosting her today on the blog to talk about her favourite and most compellingly page-turning adventure novels! The Hobbit, by JR […]

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    Bestseller, here we come: Girlfriend magazine feature

    My pals over at Australia’s Girlfriend magazine (#1 teen mag in Oz) published a feature I wrote this month. Check out the pretty design here, or keeping reading for the text! How To Write Your First Novel Did you know Veronica Roth penned Divergent when she was still in college? If you’ve always dreamed of […]

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    School visit to Metropolitan Expeditionary School!

    I had such a great time meeting with the smart kids at Metropolitan Expeditionary School in Brooklyn to celebrate Children’s Book Week! And they really were supersmart: we had great discussions about dystopias, and girl heroes, and sustainability and more. One of my favorite questions (that still has me thinking) is whether a dystopia could ever […]

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    Five Ways to Survive a YA Dystopia

    Here’s a guest post I did for Teen Reads: check it out on their site here! It’s going to happen eventually. Whether it’s the undead, Mother Nature’s wrath or the aftermath of a corrupt government who like to dress alike, a dystopia is in all of our futures. Here’s the best way to survive, as […]

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    The Booklist review for Parched is awesome!

    Spoiler alert: it’s totally rad. Booklist Issue: May 15, 2014.  “Though she grew up in water-rich, privileged Eden, now—a year after the suspicious death of her famous scientist mother—Tessendra Rockwood lives in a flea-filled hole-in-the-wall in the deadly, arid Badlands, where the water supply has been usurped by the wealthy government of Eden to supply the lush, walled city. […]

  • We came, we saw, we launched!

    I had a phenomenally good time at the book launch for Parched! Check out the full gallery here. So wonderful to have so many people I love in one room at once—the events space at Word bookstore in Greenpoint to be precise. More amazing photographs of this special night to come, thanks to snapper extraordinaire, […]

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I write books about awesome ladies stickin' it to the man. One is set in an Aussie high school, another in a futuristic dystopian world without water. My newest novel, THE REGULARS, is a modern feminist fairytale set in Brooklyn, NY. You can get in summer 2016.

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Pickles & Hargraves review!

Here’s my favorite review for my play “Pickles & Hargraves” from our run at the 2014 NY International Fringe Festival. Originally appears at Fringe Review. Low Down With a plethora of improv actors on their top game with crazy characters, this show is a classic detective mystery with an imaginary mouse leading the chase! For […]


Aussie Women Writers in NY

On Wednesday June 11, I was part of an all-star Aussie panel of awesome female writers yakking about writing, New York, and writing in New York. That was me, and my friends Rachel Hills (The Sex Myth, forthcoming though Simon & Schuster) and Christine Piper, (After Darkness, winner of the 2014 The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award). Rachel’s […]


How To Write Your First Fiction Novel

Your grew up finishing books with a flashlight under the covers, and now you want to write one of those wild reads you remember so well. Whether its closely felt contemporary realism or high-stakes high-concept adventure, you know you have a tall tale inside you.  Having just published my second YA novel, Parched, I know […]